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To better the entire cause marketplace by elevating social fundraising practices, and strengthening relationships between nonprofits, donors, and fundraisers. Inspiring Generosity covers social fundraising trends, news, and case studies, democratizes traditional development best practices, and provides other relevant information.

Our Contributors

We’ve pulled together the best thinkers in social change, to bring you the best tips and thoughts about social fundraising. Here are the blog’s “repeat offenders”:

Sohini Baliga

“Resident troublemaker with a great turn of phrase.”

Sohini Baliga is a communications consultant and independent writer who has produced and written extensively in the non-profit sector. She learned to tell a story really well in public radio, reinvented herself several times in Washington DC, and now helps clients tell their story first and best in both the for- and nonprofit sector. Find out more about her at www.sohini.com or follow her @sohinibaliga.

Margie Clayman

“In advertising, but not evil.”

Margie Clayman is the third generation of her family to work at Clayman Advertising, Inc., a full service marketing firm in Akron, Ohio. Margie is the Director of Client Development, which means she is always on the look-out for new ideas for clients. Margie wears many other hats  and is involved in media planning, PR, copywriting, and creative. She blogs at www.margieclayman.com and has had the honor of being featured on many well known blogs in the world of social media. In the rest of her free time, she enjoys crafting (especially knitting), exercising, cooking new recipes, and reading great books.

John Haydon

“Money can buy you a beautiful brass bed, but it can’t buy you a peaceful night’s sleep”

John Haydon advises nonprofits on marketing strategy and the effective use of blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and other tools. He is a regular contributor to the Huffington Post, an instructor for MarketingProfs University, and the author of Facebook Marketing for Dummies (3rd edition). He has presented at a number of conferences including the Nonprofit Technology Conference, the 140 Character Conference, and BlogWorld. John is also co-founder of 501 Mission Place, an online network for nonprofit leaders, and SocialBrite, a learning hub on social media for nonprofits.

Ifdy Perez

“Let’s make a difference in our world through a pay-it-forward system of giving.”

After working five years in communications and program management at a lung disease foundation, Ifdy joined the Razoo team to help create an online community for nonprofits and individuals wanting information to better help them make a difference in the world. She’s a believer in the power of social media to produce change, and help nonprofits do the important good works they do.

Joe Waters

“Companies and causes working together can make a difference in the world.”

Joe Waters teaches nonprofits and businesses how to use cause marketing and social media to establish, grow and deepen relationships with stakeholders. He blogs at the web’s #1 cause marketing blog, SelfishGiving.com, and is the co-author of Cause Marketing for Dummies, which in its first week of release topped Amazon’s list of top 100 nonprofit titles! Joe is also a contributor to The Huffington PostForbesThe Chronicle of PhilanthropyHealthcare Philanthropy JournalMediapost, and The Nonprofit Quarterly.

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