Black Dog, Typewriter
08.14.2013 ,

5 Tips for Writing Website Copy That Connects

You’ve been taught that your website copy should speak to your website’s visitors. And if you’re using a web stats tool, like Google Analytics, you know where they live, what…

Tyesha Love (Second from Left)
10.24.2012 ,

Deconstruction Before Reconstruction: Tyesha’s Battle with Breast Cancer

“I have a strong history of cancer on the maternal side of my family,” Tyesha Love says. “When my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, she was identified as a…

Photo by Paulien Ossen
08.23.2012 , ,

6 Places Your Nonprofit Can Find Blog Ideas

Editor’s Note: Happy to have Ken Mueller on the blog again today! Read his past posts here. One of the most important things you can do online for your organization…

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07.30.2012 , ,

4 Guest Blogger Credentials

Inviting others to guest post on your blog can help improve the quality and quantity of content you offer your community. But asking the wrong person to guest post could…

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07.26.2012 ,

Why Guest Posts Can Be Good For Your Nonprofit Blog

In a recent blog post, one of our readers asked about guest posts on nonprofit blogs. Here was the question: To that, Gisele Navarro Mendez and I responded with an…

Photo by Michael Ging
06.06.2012 ,

How to Create Fresh Stories for your Nonprofit

By now you already know how powerful storytelling can be for your nonprofit. Storytelling enables you to connect the dots in your constituent’s hearts so that they take action on…

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05.22.2012 ,

4 Words Nonprofits Need to Stop Using

I write every day so I have to be a word guy. I’m always searching for just the right thing to say. But I rarely use a dictionary or thesaurus…


4 Tips to Punch Up Your Writing

Not getting results? Perhaps your writing turns them away. Or more likely puts them to sleep. Punch up your copywriting to better activate stakeholders. What does “punch up” mean? Crisp…

09.01.2011 ,

7 Tips for Better Fundraising Emails

Email marketing represents a critical component of online fundraising. In fact, in spite of the social era or perhaps because of it, more email is being generated. A growing minority…