How to Tell If Your Friend’s Email Has Been Hacked

Malicious hackers are becoming more and more sophisticated. Here’s a short video to help you recognize if your friend has been hacked, and if you are getting phished.

5 Things Nonprofits Should Do Online

About three times a week, I leaf through my entire Twitter feed to see what is going on in the great wide world. In doing so, I come across a…

Screenshot of Epic Thanks' Video

4 Inexpensive Examples of Saying Thank You With Video

If a picture says 1,000 words, video says a million. And with today’s video technology and online technology, video is a lot easier to produce and more affordable than it…

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5 Ways To Bring Your Offline Community Online

A lot of not-for-profits have great communities, and that has been the case for years, long before social media made its razzle-dazzle splash. Now that social media is here, it…

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3 Ways to Develop Free Visual Assets

In this era of mobile, portable and visual social media, the right image or video means more than great words. You need something that catches the eye to distinguish your…

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Who Is More Generous, Coke or Pepsi?

Perhaps you have seen Coke’s Arctic Home cause marketing campaign to preserve the polar bears’ habitat and combat climate change. This stunning campaign is continuing through the winter until the…

Allyson Kapin from RAD Campaign and @WomenWhoTech

VIDEO: Show Your Flair on YouTube

Aside from creating content on a blog and interacting with users on Facebook and Twitter, nonprofits (and individual fundraisers alike) can benefit from telling your story through video. Allyson Kapin…