06.20.2012 ,

Ellie Fund's 4 Strategies to Win Twive & Receive

Last week Razoo conducted a national fundraising campaign where 162 nonprofits competed to win a share of $30,000 in prize money. The Ellie Fund (based in the home of the…

Photo by Sam Howzit

Urgency, Fun, & Accessibility: Elements in Fundraising

On Thursday, we have one of the most exciting events in online fundraising this summer: Twive and Receive (pronounced like Give and Receive). Twive is a 24-hour fundraising marathon where…

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4 Last Minute Fundraiser Tips

I sent a note to the more than 200 registered nonprofits and fundraisers participating in the national Twive and Receive giving day next Thursday. It’s impossible to coach 200 people…

Photo by Artois Bibliotheques

Weekly Social Media Checklist for Twive and Beyond

  As we gear up for Twive and Receive next week, nonprofits have been asking me for “recipes” on how to build up excitement and engage their community to take…

03.10.2012 ,

[UPDATED] Twive and Receive New Date: June 14, 2012

[UPDATED 3/30/12] A couple weeks ago we announced a new nationwide giving day called Twive and Receive, and we’re excited so many nonprofits have registered to be part of this…