Simple Ways To Engage Your Facebook Fans In Less Than 3 Minutes

One requirement for nonprofit marketing on Facebook is regularly posting engaging content on your Facebook Page. Posting at least daily is recommended, because it allows you to consistently stay top-of-mind with…

12.29.2014 ,

5 Ways to Get Your NPO’s Year Off to a Great Start

Photo by Thanasis At this time of year, most folks like to look back at the year just passing. What were the top ten most successful fundraising efforts? Who made…

ask people to become part of the story

5 Storytelling Tips For Better Online Fundraising

This is the limbic brain. It’s about 200 millions years old and is responsible for emotions. It’s the elephant mentioned in Switch. The limbic brain the source of value judgments and feelings (mostly…

retaining online donors

A Simple Tactic for Keeping New Donors Engaged

Retention rates for nonprofits seem to be plummeting. In 2004, the average retention rate for new donors was 33%. Now it’s 27%! This is because of two trends: More competition…

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3 Tips to Ensure Everyone Knows About Your Awareness Campaign

Last week, as you may have noticed, a small symbol went viral as a profile picture and Twitter avatar in the online world. The red square with an equal sign…

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How Justin's March Madness Bracket Raised $2,000 for Leukemia

Justin Goldsborough hates cancer. And he has plenty of reasons to hate the deadly disease. One of his colleagues has an 18-month old who’s undergoing a second round of chemotherapy.…

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01.09.2013 ,

3 Powerful Ways for Nonprofits to Target Facebook Ads

During a few recent webinars I’ve conducted, I’ve asked participants if they’ve used Facebook ads to promote their cause. On average, about 70% say they haven’t! When I dug a…

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01.08.2013 ,

3 Steps to Using Twitter to Gather Nonprofit News

After I pinned a cause promotion on one of my Pinterest boards last week, a friend asked: “Where do you get all this stuff?” That’s a good question, and I…

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8 Ways NOT To Use QR Codes

As we’ve talked this month about how to move your offline community or marketing to the online world, QR codes have been brought up (at least by me) quite often.…

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4 Ways to Get Ready for the Tablet Revolution

Low price tablets and e-readers are making a big impact online. Pew Internet reports that 29% of all Americans have either a tablet, an e-reader or both. So what does…