Making Pancakes and Storytelling

My son’s soccer coach came up with a play that finally connected with the kids. He called the “pancake.” One player kicks the ball from the corner to another player…

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5 Storytelling Tips For Better Online Fundraising

This is the limbic brain. It’s about 200 millions years old and is responsible for emotions. It’s the elephant mentioned in Switch. The limbic brain the source of value judgments and feelings (mostly…

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3 Ways to Refine Your Marketing Messages with Facebook

No other social media platform can give you the kind of details Facebook can when it comes to how people feel about your cause. Millions of people create billions of…

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06.18.2014 ,

5 New Dos and Don’ts for Facebook Marketing

The world of Facebook marketing has drastically changed over the past year. For many pages, it’s become harder to get organic reach in the newsfeed since Facebook went public. How…

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05.07.2014 ,

Why You Should Recycle Facebook Content

Let’s face it, posting amazing content on Facebook EVERY DAY is next to impossible. You wear many hats, and Facebook’s newsfeed algorithm is as finicky as my cat. Everyone Hits…

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Five Mind Shifts That Boost Social Sharing

Technology has blessed your community with more sharing power than ever before. The ability to retweet, like, and pin with increased ease is what helped launch the slactivist movement. But even though…

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Five “must haves” for every donation page

Are you leaving out the “must haves” on your donation pages? If so, you could be leaving money on the table. And by money, I mean donations. Why your conversion rates…


Five Creative Dog Shelter Pinterest Boards

If you use Pinterest to engage your community, you probably already know what makes it so powerful for nonprofit marketers: It’s one of the fastest growing social networks ever. Close…

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YOU did it!

Your supports give you their time and money because they want to change the world. And for most of them, it’s personal. They see themselves as an equal participant in creating…