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3 Cause Marketing Promotions I’m Longing to See Again

The new year has just begun but I’m already longing for the good old days. What ever happen to all those cause marketing promotions I raved about in years past…

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12 Must-Have Items for Your Next Benefit Auction

Benefit auctions, both live and silent, have always played a big role in the success of my fundraisers. I bet this is true for you, too. In addition to raising…

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10 Good Deeds in 10 Minutes

As you may have heard, Razoo is participating in efforts tied to World Hunger Day (October 16th). As Geoff Livingston writes, “The philanthropic goal encourages people to participate in small…

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02.14.2012 ,

17 Smartphone Apps Every Fundraiser Should Use

I’m a big fan of iPhone apps that help me be a more productive cause marketer. The apps you use, regardless of which device you own, support your fundraising efforts. I’m…

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Getting Started with Cause Marketing, Easy as 1-2-3

  I’m really exciting to be writing for Razoo. It’s a great organization with an ambitious blog that has at least two regular writers for whom I have a ton of…