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Sharing Facebook Content That Your Fans Already Like

One of the biggest challenges nonprofits have is finding content that will resonate with their community. A little known but powerful way to curate content is with Facebook Interests lists.…

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12.07.2012 ,

Nonprofit Social Media Needs Strategy & Passion

Editor’s Note: I’m so happy to have a guest post from Rebecca Cicione, Social Media Specialist for the nonprofit Soles4Souls. Rebecca is a New Jersey native living in Nashville, Tennessee. She…

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09.26.2012 ,

5 Ways to Make Your Social Strategy Adaptable

You know social media has been fully adopted by the masses when Fox launches a TV series on Twitter. TV and print media strategies–virtually unchanged for decades–are increasingly being replaced by new…

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Finding Your Real Influencers

You may recall a lot of talk about the Kony 2012 Campaign, an effort by a group called Invisible Children to raise awareness about warlord Joseph Kony. In the wake…

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02.13.2012 ,

Learning to Be Defeated

I had an interesting conversation with my family this weekend about “the secret to success.” How many blog reiterations of that topic do you read a day? Almost all of…

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01.30.2012 ,

Why You Shouldn’t "Go Viral"

When I worked at a small nonprofit in the health sector a few years ago, one thing I heard all the time was that we needed to “go viral.” We…

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01.03.2012 ,

How Does Listening Lead to Impact?

“We need to listen more,” Jeff Raikes, President of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, told the Chronicle of Philanthropy when asked about 2012 New Year’s Resolutions for the nonprofit…

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12.12.2011 ,

4 Elements of the Blue Key Campaign's Success

Have you heard of the Blue Key Campaign? This national campaign, led by USA for UNHCR, is spreading the word about the 40 million refugees in the world, but allows…