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A Simple Tactic for Keeping New Donors Engaged

Retention rates for nonprofits seem to be plummeting. In 2004, the average retention rate for new donors was 33%. Now it’s 27%! This is because of two trends: More competition…

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06.18.2014 ,

5 New Dos and Don’ts for Facebook Marketing

The world of Facebook marketing has drastically changed over the past year. For many pages, it’s become harder to get organic reach in the newsfeed since Facebook went public. How…

05.28.2014 ,

Three No-Brainer Twitter Strategies for Every Nonprofit

Twitter followers will be more likely to retweet your content if they like, know, and trust you. But what does one do to develop a strong network on Twitter? Here…

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05.07.2014 ,

Why You Should Recycle Facebook Content

Let’s face it, posting amazing content on Facebook EVERY DAY is next to impossible. You wear many hats, and Facebook’s newsfeed algorithm is as finicky as my cat. Everyone Hits…

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4 More Lessons for Fundraising on Pinterest

Last week on my blog I wrote a post on how nonprofits can raise money on Pinterest. My inspiration was beauty brand Elizabeth Arden, which has launched a #PinItToGiveIt campaign…


6 Ways To Integrate Fundraising Into Facebook

You’ve read about how Facebook can be used as a powerful tool within a fundraising arsenal. Here are six more specific ways to improve your fundraising results from using Facebook:…

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4 Things Nonprofits Need to Stop Saying

I got a lot of great feedback on my post last week on 4 Words Nonprofits Need to Stop Using. Thanks to everyone who commented, even the folks who disagreed with…

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12.20.2011 ,

HOW TO: Make the Most of December 31

According to Network for Good, 33% of giving for the entire year happens on December 30 and 31. Are you ready for the great year-end push? Grab some last minute…

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Last Minute Tips for Your Year-End Appeal

This time of year is overwhelming because of it’s the last push to get those dollars, wrap up those projects, and tie loose ends. And for many nonprofits, this is…

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12.08.2011 ,

How You Can Be the Iron Man of Fundraisers

Ever feel the like chips are down? Don’t you wish you were a super hero so you can save the day? You, too, can be Tony Stark a.k.a. Iron Man–at…