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12.12.2011 ,

4 Elements of the Blue Key Campaign's Success

Have you heard of the Blue Key Campaign? This national campaign, led by USA for UNHCR, is spreading the word about the 40 million refugees in the world, but allows…


VIDEO: Set Clear Goals for Fundraising

Shonali Burke says it’s important to start setting the goal, the number, you want to reach in fundraising, and later find ways to motivate them to contribute to your campaign.

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VIDEO: Key First Steps in Online Fundraising Campaigns

Shonali Burke, from @SocialBrite, addresses the critical need for setting clear goals and identifying audiences when planning fundraising campaigns. Burke spoke during a break in the Nonprofit 2.0 unconference in…


Social Fundraising at the Forefront of Nonprofit 2.0

Social fundraising was a dominant topic at Nonprofit 2.0. There were many industry leaders in attendance, and we decided to interview them with video. The above round-up is highlights some…