Photo via Vicki's Nature on Flickr

Three Golden Lessons in Holiday Giving

A decade-old holiday tradition continued this year in Morris, Illinois when an anonymous donor dropped three gold coins into a Salvation Army red kettle. These aren’t just any coins. They’re…

Photo by Salvation Army USA West

The Salvation Army's Red Kettle is Now Online

Is it possible to take a simple 19th century concept and bring it into the 21st century, while retaining it’s original charm? The Salvation Army is having quite a bit…

Photo by Elvert Barnes
11.19.2012 ,

5 Last-Minute Gestures of Thanksgiving

Three days before Thanksgiving isn’t the ideal time to start thinking about how to give back to your community, right? The reality is we’re very busy people, and good will…

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3 Twitter Tips for Everyday Use and Emergency Response

This weekend, the Razoo team put together a plan to help us be ready for when Hurricane Irene made landfall. This is standard procedure for many organizations, and my job…

08.28.2011 ,

Donate to 5 Causes Providing Irene Relief

Hurricane/Tropical Storm Irene had not left us yet, but we know the impact has already been great. We have seen lives lost, hundreds of thousands of people without power, wind…