Divina and Tyler fundraising for Rocket Dog Rescue in SF!

10 Ways Ten Bucks Can Make a Big Difference

What does ten bucks buy anymore? Not much in the consumer world–in mine a couple lattes. But in the nonprofit world a $10 Razoo Giving Card can make a huge…

Photo Courtesy of Lancaster Gifts that Give Hope
11.08.2012 ,

Don't Give Stuff. Give Hope.

This is the time of year when we all begin to bemoan the commercialization of the holidays, as we claw our way through the crowds at the mall, trying to…

09.07.2012 ,

$100 Million Celebration Sweepstakes Winners!

These are the top 100 winners of our $100 Million Celebration Sweepstakes! Each of these will receive a Razoo Giving Card, which they can use to donate to their favorite…