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08.13.2013 ,

QR Codes are Far From Dead

Everyone talks about how ugly, useless, and unpopular QR Codes are–especially for a nonprofit. But that flies in the face of some recent research that shows they are being scanned…

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4 Ways to Use a QR Code to Raise Money

Scanning QR Codes with a mobile device is one of the most popular ways to donate money. I’m on a mission to discover all the different ways you can scan-to-give.…

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Use QR Codes to Thank Holiday Supporters

I bet you’ll be sending out a lot of thank yous this holiday season. You’ll be mailing out cards and letters telling donors how much you appreciate their support. Donors…

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08.29.2012 , ,

8 Ways NOT To Use QR Codes

As we’ve talked this month about how to move your offline community or marketing to the online world, QR codes have been brought up (at least by me) quite often.…

08.29.2012 ,

4 QR Code Tools That'll Make You Like QR Codes

Rock The Vote recently launched their Scan To Vote campaign to register 1.5 million voters using T-shirts printed with QR codes! When a someone scans the QR code on their friend’s…


Raising Money with Coupons, QR Codes

After my post last week on QR Codes, two things caught my eye. First, this infographic from Wasp Barcode showing why QR Codes are an easy and portable way to…

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QR Codes are Taking Off in Unexpected Ways

There are a lot of strong feelings about QR Codes. Some people think they are the best thing since the printing press, while others think they’re not worth the paper…

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7 Ways To Use Print Ads To Increase Online Activity

Let’s imagine the following scenario. A local cause has, for years, run a quarter page black-and-white ad in a bunch of local publications. It’s been a fixture of the organization’s…

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The Synapse of QR Codes

Happy to have a guest post from Sohini Baliga. Sohini is a writer and communications consultant who has produced and written extensively for clients in both for and non-profit sectors.…

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02.22.2012 ,

Comparing QR Codes & Text2Give

This is a guest post by Tonia Zampieri. Check out her last post here. QR (Quick Response) Codes are getting a lot of buzz these days, and Text2Give technology is…