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08.05.2013 ,

Time to Begin Planning for 2014

I know. This blog title may make you think to yourself, “She has GOT to be kidding.” But consider this. The holiday season is just three months away. In fact,…

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01.16.2013 ,

Your Most Powerful Social Media Tool for 2013

It’s amazing how fast something changes when you focus on the thing you want to change. Like losing weight, or playing a particular song on the piano. Amping up your…

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09.26.2012 ,

5 Ways to Make Your Social Strategy Adaptable

You know social media has been fully adopted by the masses when Fox launches a TV series on Twitter. TV and print media strategies–virtually unchanged for decades–are increasingly being replaced by new…

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August: Time to Get Your Ducks In A Row

Remember when August used to be a slow month? When everyone went on vacation? That last pause of summer before everyone dived back into the fall? Yeah, me neither. August…