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6 Photo Engagement Tips from National Wildlife Federation

If you don’t know Danielle Brigida, the social media manager at the National Wildlife Federation, she’s a rock star in nonprofit social media. I was able to catch up with…

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A Picture Is Worth a 1,000 Words

Editor’s Note: I’m happy to have Ken Mueller guest posting again! Ken is the proprietor of Inkling Media, with 30 years of experience in the media industry. You can read…

07.18.2012 ,

6 Tips for Making Visual Content More Viral

Last week we talked about a number of different ways to edit images so that you can more easily create visual content. This week, let’s talk about making your images better…

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6 Images Every Nonprofit Can Capture

Some nonprofits find it challenging at times to represent the work they do in photos, rather than text. But photos are one of the most shared content on social media,…

Photo Courtesy of Explorations in Math, Twive and Receive Participant

5 Facebook & 4 Pinterest Fundraising Tips

Twive and Receive is upon us! Wish us good luck to the more than 230 cities competing for $30,000 in prizes and the pride of being one of America’s Most…

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3 Ways to Develop Free Visual Assets

In this era of mobile, portable and visual social media, the right image or video means more than great words. You need something that catches the eye to distinguish your…