Ambush Marketing: An Olympic Tradition Nonprofits Should Adopt

I love ambush marketing almost as much as I love cause marketing. Ambush marketing is when you take a free ride on someone else’s coattails. It’s happening right now during…

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08.09.2012 ,

7 Things NPOs Can Learn From NBC & the Olympics

Editor’s Note: Glad to host this post by Dan Portnoy. Dan’s the founder of Portnoy Media Group and the author of The Nonprofit Narrative: How Stories Can Save the World.…

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5 Ways to Ambush Your Competition & Steal Gold

A lot of the action at the Olympics is happening far away from the athletes. The Olympic Committee has taken unprecedented steps to protect its brand against rogue marketers that…

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01.12.2012 ,

7 Things Nonprofits Should Focus on in 2012

January is all about new beginnings. People make resolutions to lose weight, to find a new job or to meet that special someone. For nonprofits, January should also be about…