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What Nonprofits Can Learn from Drone Makers

I can’t wait for the day when drone deliveries are as common as pizza deliveries. I’m breathless at the possibilities. Drones can take my kids to soccer and lacrosse practices.…

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5 Things Nonprofits Can Learn From the Royal Baby

Congratulations to the Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William on the birth of their first son! New babies are big news – especially new, royal babies. Here are five takeaways for…

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Dollars for Doers: The Money Nonprofits Don't Want?

Nonprofits say they want to move from corporate handouts to corporate partnerships, but ignorance–not opportunity–may be what’s holding them back. One example is the Dollars for Doers program (aka Volunteer…

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03.11.2013 ,

25 Women in Marketing & NPOs You Should Know

In honor of International Women’s Day last Friday, I’m giving a shout-out to 25 women in marketing and nonprofits that are making a difference! Take a moment and follow them–you…

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Nonprofits, How We Love Thee (Not!)

And now I shall be the skunk at the garden party, and speak of the thing nonprofits can be willfully oblivious to, but which rest assured everyone talks about openly:…

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What Nonprofits Can Learn Looking Thru Google's Glasses

The news from Google that we’ll soon all be wearing glasses with a small screen displaying digital content has ratcheted up talk around augmented reality or AR. AR is when…

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How JugnooMe Can Help Nonprofits in Social Media

JugnooMe is a solution that provides nonprofits and fundraisers an series of tools to optimize and further their social presence. A couple weeks ago, I discussed how JugnooMe was providing…

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Qualifying Online Ambassadors

Last week we talked about the strategy of using online ambassadors to attract new donors with social media. Of course the question for nonprofits is how to vet or select…

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VIDEO: Key First Steps in Online Fundraising Campaigns

Shonali Burke, from @SocialBrite, addresses the critical need for setting clear goals and identifying audiences when planning fundraising campaigns. Burke spoke during a break in the Nonprofit 2.0 unconference in…

Brian Fujito, CEO at Razoo

VIDEO: Read Inspiring Generosity!

Brian Fujito, CEO of Razoo, lets you know about the great resources our blog has for the nonprofit that may be a bit intimidated to start fundraising online.