To Succeed, Nonprofits Need to Adjust Their Aim

Nonprofits and gun makers are very different, but not when it comes to marketing. I learned that by watching the evolution of Smith & Wesson, a gun manufacturer based here in…

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What Nonprofits Can Learn from Great Bookstores

There’s isn’t a more endangered business than independent bookstores. Margins are low and competition from Amazon—never mind everyone else—is fierce. Still, some bookstores are doing more than just surviving. They’re…


The Importance of Transparency When Promoting Your Cause

Photo via Creative Commons A couple of months ago, a friend of mine on Facebook promoted a cause via a mutual friend of ours. It was noted that the mutual…

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01.09.2013 ,

3 Powerful Ways for Nonprofits to Target Facebook Ads

During a few recent webinars I’ve conducted, I’ve asked participants if they’ve used Facebook ads to promote their cause. On average, about 70% say they haven’t! When I dug a…

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Which Facebook Page Updates Should Your Nonprofit Pay To Promote?

As you work to improve your ability to publish awesome content on your Facebook Page,  it’s a good idea to be prepared promote updates when they happen to go wildly…

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22 Ways To Promote Your Fundraising Event

Deciding that you want to hold a fundraising event and actually making that happen are two far distant ends of the same spectrum. A lot goes into planning an event,…

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5 Tips When Your Cause Isn’t “Cool”

Have you found yourself stuck in a runt thinking, “Our cause isn’t ‘attractive’ enough” or “We can’t get people to listen to us because we’re not cool” or something along…

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Storytelling. It’s the center of everything.

Guest post by Jason Konopinski. Jason is a freelance copywriter and editor. An advocate of social good and strong storytelling, he works with small-to-medium sized corporate and agency clients to…

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02.28.2012 ,

We Can Put Our Money Where Our Mouth Is

This is a guest post by Doug Weinbrenner. Granted, that phrase is synonymously ushered as a challenge to financially invest in proportion to the gravity of a statement. The more…