Get People to Promote Your Fundraiser with These Tips

Get People to Promote Your Fundraiser with These Tips

No matter how nicely you ask, and how often you ask, getting people to share your fundraiser with their friends can often feel like pulling teeth. Your community loves what…

ask people to become part of the story

5 Storytelling Tips For Better Online Fundraising

This is the limbic brain. It’s about 200 millions years old and is responsible for emotions. It’s the elephant mentioned in Switch. The limbic brain the source of value judgments and feelings (mostly…

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06.18.2014 ,

5 New Dos and Don’ts for Facebook Marketing

The world of Facebook marketing has drastically changed over the past year. For many pages, it’s become harder to get organic reach in the newsfeed since Facebook went public. How…

you did it

YOU did it!

Your supports give you their time and money because they want to change the world. And for most of them, it’s personal. They see themselves as an equal participant in creating…


Is your fundraising plan missing this critical element?

So it’s 2014 and you’re excited to get cracking with new fundraising tools and new training. But tools and training can’t replace the plan, and you know that. So you put…

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12.07.2012 ,

Nonprofit Social Media Needs Strategy & Passion

Editor’s Note: I’m so happy to have a guest post from Rebecca Cicione, Social Media Specialist for the nonprofit Soles4Souls. Rebecca is a New Jersey native living in Nashville, Tennessee. She…

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How to Get People to Act

“If I look at the mass, I will never act. If I look at the one, I will.” – Mother Theresa I want to show you how you can encourage…

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08.09.2012 ,

7 Things NPOs Can Learn From NBC & the Olympics

Editor’s Note: Glad to host this post by Dan Portnoy. Dan’s the founder of Portnoy Media Group and the author of The Nonprofit Narrative: How Stories Can Save the World.…

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6 Steps to Create Marketing Personas for Your Org

Marketing Personas are fictitious characters you create to represent your various different audience segments–subscribers, advocates, donors, volunteers, etc. They’re nothing more than a tool to help you better understand what…

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When Building Donor Relationships, Talk is Cheap

A recent series of three posts on the Harvard Business Review blog by Karen Freeman, Patrick Spenner and Anna Bird of Corporate Executive Board explored some of the myths surrounding…