How to Best Reach Today’s High School Graduates

Believe it or not, people who were born in 1996 just graduated from high school. I know, it makes me feel old, too. It might seem like right now it…

05.27.2014 ,

Three Reasons Why Your Nonprofit Should Focus on Millennials

When it comes to raising money, everyone talks about Baby Boomers—and with good reason. This generation born between 1946 and 1964 has amassed trillions of dollars in wealth. In the…

10.09.2013 ,

[INFOGRAPHIC] Millennials are Not Whiny, Over-sharing Aliens from Saturn

A Platform for Good‘s mission is to highlight how technology can enhance our lives, and the opportunities it affords us to create social change. They pay particular attention to how…

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Is Your Website Turning Away Donors?

Recently, Philanthropy.com published a survey of millennials who were asked to respond to different nonprofit websites. The headline of the results, published on July 18, 2013, caught my eye. It…

Photo Courtesy Swipes for the Homeless
01.29.2013 ,

College Students Swipe Meals for Homeless

As a Gen-Xer (someone born between 1965 and 1980), I’ve always been jealous and a bit suspicious of the generation that followed mine. Millennials (men and women born after 1980) get…

Nicole54 by Ally Aubry
09.21.2011 ,

My Name Is Not Donor

My name is not donor, the mythical ghost in the machine you are targeting. You don’t know my name. Why? Because it’s some random field in your house file. A…


Treat Donors Like Investors

It was a great honor to speak at the Millennial Donors Summit this week on social fundraising (discussion and presentation here). There were so many excellent speakers, and some great…


The Millennial Generation

Gen Y or the Millennials, call them what you will, but this emerging generation is reshaping philanthropy, corporate social responsibility, community impact and how we communicate the need and success of these efforts. What can this generation do to change the way we give and how much we give?