How to Best Reach Today’s High School Graduates

Believe it or not, people who were born in 1996 just graduated from high school. I know, it makes me feel old, too. It might seem like right now it…

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3 Ways to Refine Your Marketing Messages with Facebook

No other social media platform can give you the kind of details Facebook can when it comes to how people feel about your cause. Millions of people create billions of…

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08.14.2013 ,

5 Tips for Writing Website Copy That Connects

You’ve been taught that your website copy should speak to your website’s visitors. And if you’re using a web stats tool, like Google Analytics, you know where they live, what…

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3 Tips to Ensure Everyone Knows About Your Awareness Campaign

Last week, as you may have noticed, a small symbol went viral as a profile picture and Twitter avatar in the online world. The red square with an equal sign…

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03.25.2013 ,

Facebook's Graph: Don't Worry, Be Relevant

I’m sure this says a lot about how behind I am on things: I just finally got around to signing up for Graph, you know, that latest improvement Facebook rolled…

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How to Get People to Act

“If I look at the mass, I will never act. If I look at the one, I will.” – Mother Theresa I want to show you how you can encourage…

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Build Donor Loyalty with Email List Segmentation

A child pays attention when you mention cookies or a piece of fruit. In a similar way, segmentation is based on the idea that a message is most effective when…