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How to Prepare for Facebook's Decline

Photo by Sean MacEntee If you are a nonprofit or a consistent fundraiser, then it’s time to hedge your bets and start investing in networks other than Facebook. A recent…

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How Do I Find New Donors with Social Media?

I work with many nonprofits on social fundraisers, and one of the most common questions I get is, “How do I find new donors with social media?” Finding these new…

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3 Ways to Develop Free Visual Assets

In this era of mobile, portable and visual social media, the right image or video means more than great words. You need something that catches the eye to distinguish your…

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Have Something to Say: Creating Stories for the Media

Alison Risso is the Communications Director at Razoo, and before that, she worked with National Geographic, Discovery Channel, TLC, and Animal Planet. Most recently, she worked with the national nonprofit…

Together Liberia


At the heart of giving and social media alike is a desire to connect fulfilling a need for togetherness. Sometimes that core emotional driver is buried in online solicitations, volunteering…

10.20.2011 ,

5 Ways to Engage Online Ambassadors

Activating online ambassadors–or influencers as they are known in social media parlance–can be a scary thing. Most people think of cranky bloggers who complain about getting over-pitched. And if you’re…