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7 Tips For Creating Your Own Facebook Memes

We’re focusing on using visuals here at Razoo in the month of July, and one thing we wanted to talk to you about was the use of memes on Facebook.…

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03.29.2012 ,

Shining the Spotlight on Molly Cantrell-Kraig

Editor’s Note: This is Margie’s last personal profile for our series this month honoring women in social good. So happy to have had her interview these great ladies making a…

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03.15.2012 ,

Shining the Spotlight on Estrella Rosenberg

Here’s Margie Clayman‘s third profile of a kick-butt woman in social good in honor of Women’s History Month. You can check out her other posts telling the story of Luma…

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03.08.2012 ,

Shining the Spotlight on Angela Daffron

Editor’s note: here’s Margie’s second post of Women’s History Month, profiling a kick-butt woman for International Women’s Day! Often times, when bad things happen to us or to people we…

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02.27.2012 ,

For Women, Maybe NPOs Are About Passion, Not Money

Editors Note: March is Women’s History Month and in honor of the great things women have contributed to nonprofits and social good, we invited Margie Clayman (who has guest posted…

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Are Women Really More Charitable Than Men?

There’s always been an assumption that women are more charitable than men. So to see if this was true, I went to none other than the fabulous Marjorie Clayman for…