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12.27.2012 ,

My Three Favorite Feel-Good Moments of 2012

It seems appropriate, for my final post here in 2012, to look back at the year that was and pick some of my most favorite feel-good moments. After all, feel-good…

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11.20.2012 ,

Let's Fight Lung Cancer & Give Thanks

After talking with Susan Davis, Chief Development Officer of the American Lung Association, I have another thing to be thankful for on Thursday: no one I know has lung cancer.…

Spence Family (left to right): Miranda, JIll, Phil, Benjy, Andy, Stephanie, and Alex the dog
11.09.2012 ,

Growing Beards for Lung Cancer Awareness

Andy Spence, his dad, and brother got this crazy idea couple years ago. “We came up with idea to get people to support us to grow beards,” he says. The…

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We Need to Increase Funding to Fight Lung Cancer

November is lung cancer awareness month, and Razoo is doing its part to help fight this deadly yet common form of cancer. Interestingly, a report appeared on NBC’s website just…

11.01.2012 ,

November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month just wrapped up PinkGiving, a month-long breast cancer awareness campaign, where we achieved our goal of 50,000 Facebook Likes a whole 24 hours early! When the people were given…