How Sharing Happened Around the World in 2014 [Infographic]

After the Michael Brown and Eric Garner decisions, people all over world used social media to speak out and organize protests. The Ukraine and Gaza conflicts caused a similar spike…

10.09.2013 ,

[INFOGRAPHIC] Millennials are Not Whiny, Over-sharing Aliens from Saturn

A Platform for Good‘s mission is to highlight how technology can enhance our lives, and the opportunities it affords us to create social change. They pay particular attention to how…

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05.15.2013 ,

Five Tips for Creating Powerful Infographics

People support your organization for one reason: They view your organization as the agent of change they seek. If they had the resources, they’d make the changes they desire by themselves.…

Tight Belts, Open Hearts: Holiday Giving this Season

[Infographic] Giving Trends this Holiday Season

As a nonprofit professional, you no doubt spend a lot of your time asking people for money, time, and recommendations. And this is how you keep the doors open and…

Snapshot taken from UNC's "Social Media for Social Good" Infographic

[Infographic] How Social Media Influences Giving

Editor’s note: I’m happy to have Harrison Kratz on the blog again! He is the Founder of the global toy drive, Tweet Drive and the Community Manager for MBA@UNC, one…

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01.10.2012 ,

4 Ways to Get Your Creative Groove On

Tired of doing the same thing? In 2012, challenge yourself to tell your story in new and different ways. Whether it be video, photography, illustrations, comics and more, let’s explore…

11.23.2011 ,

10-Year Evolution of the Online Donor

Network for Good celebrated their tenth anniversary by publishing an infographic about how donors have evolved over that past ten years. Like Razoo and Blackbaud, Network for Good has produced…

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Email Fundraising is Still King

Last week you saw the infograph comparing the generosity of Mac users and PC users. A conclusion from this Razoo study was that–platforms aside–email fundraising is still the king of…

Online fundraising visualized by Razoo

Apple Users Are More Generous than PC and Android Users

According to a recent study Razoo conducted, Mac users are more generous than PC users. iPad users give 40% more per donation than any other mobile device user! In fact,…