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One Year After Sandy, Displaced Still Need Our Help

A year after Hurricane Sandy, millions of people are still trying to put their lives back together. Outwardly, the affected communities have done a tremendous job rebuilding. Some neighborhoods look…

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Why Unrestricted Cash Donations Really Help Nonprofits

And now let us praise cash donations. The unrestricted kind, that is. I was in elementary school, insisting on helping my mom, who wasn’t letting me. And I’ll never forget…

Never too young to volunteer (Photo Courtesy of Feed My Starving Children)
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How Do You Teach Your Children Generosity?

How do you teach kids to be generous? How do you inculcate empathy and charity when need is absent, or more often, hidden in their daily routines? It’s a question well-off…

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Disaster Relief, When It Isn't What You Do

There are no quick fixes to something like a massive hurricane. Several weeks after Sandy plowed through, thousands remain homeless, some still awaited power as a Nor’easter hit a week…

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How to Use Amazon's Wedding Registry to Help a Nonprofit

I’m a big fan of using existing tools and resources to raise money for nonprofits. Too many people are trying to reinvent the wheel when one is already out there…

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Be Prepared: 3 Lessons for Nonprofits from Sandy

Storms seem different today than when I was growing up. They seem more unpredictable and dangerous. The first major hurricane I remember is Hurricane Gloria in 1985. Gloria followed a…

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Fundraisers You Can Donate To In Hurricane Sandy Aftermath

Hurricane Sandy was destructive, and millions are still making their way through the devastation a week later. Organizations such as the American Red Cross, the Salvation Army, Habitat for Humanity…

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10.30.2012 ,

Hurricane Hits, Apocalypse Looms. Get a Go Bag!

The American Red Cross has a message for you: you need to be ready for a disaster. The message is a timely one as Hurricane Sandy is continuing its march…