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The Hot Holiday Fundraiser This Season? Hashtags.

I track a lot of holiday campaigns on Pinterest. I have boards for Halloween, Valentine’s Day, Veterans Day, and most of the other major holidays that have a cause component…

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5 Reasons to Fundraise in January

Have you begun your second fundraising push? I know what you’re thinking. It’s not yet the end of January. You’ve just done mass-unsubscribing from marketers who find you like Team…

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12.27.2012 ,

My Three Favorite Feel-Good Moments of 2012

It seems appropriate, for my final post here in 2012, to look back at the year that was and pick some of my most favorite feel-good moments. After all, feel-good…

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Business Charity and the Wisdom of Scrooge

Before Scrooge underwent his miraculous transformation, he had a dim view of charity. When two solicitors visited him to raise funds to “buy the poor some meat and drink,” he…

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50 Causes to Support this Holiday Season!

We’re going full force into holiday season. In addition to massive present-buying and family hang-out time, the holiday season is also a prime time for social good. However, maybe you’re…

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11.28.2012 ,

The Joy in Generosity

There can be joy in generosity, and unfortunately, many of us aren’t able to take the time to let that joy sink in when we do something for others. Sometimes,…

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Use QR Codes to Thank Holiday Supporters

I bet you’ll be sending out a lot of thank yous this holiday season. You’ll be mailing out cards and letters telling donors how much you appreciate their support. Donors…

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11.17.2011 ,

5 Last Minute Creative Ideas for Holiday Fundraising

You don’t have a plan for fundraising this December yet, and are feeling squeemish. With as much as 40% of your online donations coming, you could even be starting to…