xmas hashtag

The Hot Holiday Fundraiser This Season? Hashtags.

I track a lot of holiday campaigns on Pinterest. I have boards for Halloween, Valentine’s Day, Veterans Day, and most of the other major holidays that have a cause component…

05.29.2014 ,

Do Hashtags Really Do Any Good?

Photo from Creative Commons What do you think of when you think of the hashtag? If you’re like me, maybe the first image that jumps into your head is a…

Local restuarant owner shows his support for Dine Out (Photo courtesy No Kid Hungry)

Will Tweet For Food: The Do-Gooders at No Kid Hungry

In the last couple of weeks, you have likely seen at least one part of the effort No Kid Hungry has been making to end childhood hunger. There was their…

05.10.2012 ,

Six Favorite Social Event Promotions

I took this photo at an American Red Cross event. There are many great sources of advice for how to use social media to help marketing your event. As time…