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Use QR Codes to Thank Holiday Supporters

I bet you’ll be sending out a lot of thank yous this holiday season. You’ll be mailing out cards and letters telling donors how much you appreciate their support. Donors…

Happy Thanksgiving from Razoo!
11.22.2012 ,

Happy Thanksgiving from Razoo to You!

Here’s to a Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours! We have so much to be thankful for this year, and so we’d like to share a few of…

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11.19.2012 ,

5 Last-Minute Gestures of Thanksgiving

Three days before Thanksgiving isn’t the ideal time to start thinking about how to give back to your community, right? The reality is we’re very busy people, and good will…

Photo Courtesy of the U.S. Army
11.12.2012 ,

3 Ways To Still Thank Our Veterans

Yesterday was a day of remembrance for our veterans, and soldiers in active duty who have fearlessly served our country to preserve the freedom we have. Today, many are spending…

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09.27.2012 ,

Not-So-Obvious-But-Obvious Ways to Say Thanks

We’ve already covered the obvious ways to say thank you—which is clearly saying “thank you” to someone—but have you thought of the not-so-obvious ways your organization is showing its gratitude?…

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09.12.2012 ,

5 Creative Ways To Thank Your Facebook Fans

It’s easy to think about thanking your Facebook fans as something that’s nice to do–if you have the time and are in the mood. But saying thanks is a vital…

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11.17.2011 ,

5 Last Minute Creative Ideas for Holiday Fundraising

You don’t have a plan for fundraising this December yet, and are feeling squeemish. With as much as 40% of your online donations coming, you could even be starting to…