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Why Unrestricted Cash Donations Really Help Nonprofits

And now let us praise cash donations. The unrestricted kind, that is. I was in elementary school, insisting on helping my mom, who wasn’t letting me. And I’ll never forget…

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11.28.2012 ,

The Joy in Generosity

There can be joy in generosity, and unfortunately, many of us aren’t able to take the time to let that joy sink in when we do something for others. Sometimes,…

Never too young to volunteer (Photo Courtesy of Feed My Starving Children)
11.26.2012 ,

How Do You Teach Your Children Generosity?

How do you teach kids to be generous? How do you inculcate empathy and charity when need is absent, or more often, hidden in their daily routines? It’s a question well-off…

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11.08.2012 ,

Don't Give Stuff. Give Hope.

This is the time of year when we all begin to bemoan the commercialization of the holidays, as we claw our way through the crowds at the mall, trying to…

01.12.2012 ,

Who Is More Generous, Coke or Pepsi?

Perhaps you have seen Coke’s Arctic Home cause marketing campaign to preserve the polar bears’ habitat and combat climate change. This stunning campaign is continuing through the winter until the…

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11.17.2011 ,

5 Last Minute Creative Ideas for Holiday Fundraising

You don’t have a plan for fundraising this December yet, and are feeling squeemish. With as much as 40% of your online donations coming, you could even be starting to…

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Apple Users Are More Generous than PC and Android Users

According to a recent study Razoo conducted, Mac users are more generous than PC users. iPad users give 40% more per donation than any other mobile device user! In fact,…