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09.05.2013 ,

Help Me Help the ImAlive Suicide Prevention Chat Service

Photo by Violetix   The weekend before Labor Day, 2011, was a beautiful weekend in Northeast Ohio. Since my birthday was coming up I spent a lot of time with…

Baltimore Symphony Orchestra Team

Orchestra Marches to Its Own Beat with Running Fundraiser

I know a lot of runners that listen to music when they run. But a group that runs for music? That’s a first in my book. And that’s just what…


Who Matters Most? Beneficiary, NPO, or Donor?

Who’s the most important person in a fundraiser? Is it the beneficiary, the fundraiser/nonprofit, or the donor? A very strong case can be made for the beneficiary. After all, they/it…


How to Turn Your Super Bowl Party into a Fundraiser

Winter isn’t the best time for fundraisers, but it’s sure great for football! Why not do both, and turn your Super Bowl party into a fundraiser? The key to turning…

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Measuring Fundraiser Success

  How do you measure the success of a social media oriented online fundraiser? There are the obvious metrics, donors and donations. These are the awards criteria for contests like Give…

10.20.2011 ,

5 Ways to Engage Online Ambassadors

Activating online ambassadors–or influencers as they are known in social media parlance–can be a scary thing. Most people think of cranky bloggers who complain about getting over-pitched. And if you’re…