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03.25.2013 ,

Facebook's Graph: Don't Worry, Be Relevant

I’m sure this says a lot about how behind I am on things: I just finally got around to signing up for Graph, you know, that latest improvement Facebook rolled…

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11.21.2012 ,

Five Ways to Thank Donors for Thanksgiving

If you’re in United States you know that Thanksgiving is right on top of us. And if you’re like most nonprofits you’ve been extremely busy wrapping up the week. But…

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10.24.2012 ,

Beware Of These Three Horrific Facebook Zombies

One of my favorite iOS games is Plants vs. Zombies. If you’re not familiar with it, the object is to plant the right combination and right amount of zombie-killing plants…

06.13.2012 ,

5 Recent Changes to Facebook Pages To Know

Facebook recently pushed out five big feature changes to Facebook Pages that will help admins more easily manage their pages, plan content, and get more airtime for updates in the…

Kidrobot Night & Day Black & Red Raku Dunnys by Huck Gee
03.14.2012 ,

What Facebook Interest Lists Mean For Your NPO

You may have noticed the some of your Facebook friends have either created or subscribed to a new feature called Interest Lists. What are Interest Lists? In short, Interest Lists…

03.07.2012 ,

How To: Tell Your Story With Facebook's New Page Features

As you may know by now, Facebook Pages will undergo a massive transformation on March 30th. These changes will effect not only how Pages are used, but also how you…