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Simple Tips for Using Facebook Ads on a Budget

Facebook ads are a powerful way to reach people who are most likely to attend your next fundraising event. They’re also useful for increasing your fanbase, and engagement on your…

Facebook Organic Reach

5 Innovative Ways to Increase Facebook Organic Reach

If you work in communications or marketing for a nonprofit, you probably don’t have an unlimited budget for Facebook Ads—if you have a budget at all. So, to be successful…

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Get More from Facebook Boosted Posts with B-O-O-S-T

Boosted Posts are a type of Facebook Ad that increases reach for your Facebook Page updates. You are free to Boost any update you choose. But you’ll spend your ad budget more wisely…

04.30.2014 ,

How Many of Your Donors Use Facebook?

If you’ve ever wondered how many of your donors, subscribers, and volunteers use Facebook, this step-by-step blog post will show you exactly how to find out. Don’t assume that all…

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This is What Nonprofits Need More Than a Facebook “Donate” Button

So Facebook announced a new feature allowing Facebook users a frictionless way to donate to their favorite nonprofit. A few nonprofits currently have the feature on their Facebook Pages, and…

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01.09.2013 ,

3 Powerful Ways for Nonprofits to Target Facebook Ads

During a few recent webinars I’ve conducted, I’ve asked participants if they’ve used Facebook ads to promote their cause. On average, about 70% say they haven’t! When I dug a…

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Which Facebook Page Updates Should Your Nonprofit Pay To Promote?

As you work to improve your ability to publish awesome content on your Facebook Page,  it’s a good idea to be prepared promote updates when they happen to go wildly…