retaining online donors

A Simple Tactic for Keeping New Donors Engaged

Retention rates for nonprofits seem to be plummeting. In 2004, the average retention rate for new donors was 33%. Now it’s 27%! This is because of two trends: More competition…


Videos, Photos, Links and Text: Which Content Type is The Best?

No doubt you’ve asked this question at least once. You’ve read the studies and you’ve seen the infographics about what content type to post on Facebook. But you know that…

bridging a gap
12.05.2012 ,

Closing the Action Gap on Facebook

I know you feel it too: the huge disconnect in how marketers use social media to meet business objectives, and how everyday people like you and me use social media.…

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7 Ways To Use Print Ads To Increase Online Activity

Let’s imagine the following scenario. A local cause has, for years, run a quarter page black-and-white ad in a bunch of local publications. It’s been a fixture of the organization’s…

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Don't Make Me Work

Guest post by Sohini Baliga. It’s no wonder that you see so many posts and discussions devoted to fundraising and development. Both are the lifeblood of NPOs, the majority of…

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Weekly Social Media Checklist for Twive and Beyond

  As we gear up for Twive and Receive next week, nonprofits have been asking me for “recipes” on how to build up excitement and engage their community to take…

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02.15.2012 ,

Why You Must Give A Little To Get A Lot

This is a guest post by Tracy Sestili. More often than not, nonprofits make the number one mistake of talking about themselves and tweeting or posting on Facebook about what…