4 Quick Tips for Better Email Subject Lines

4 Quick Tips for Better Email Subject Lines

Like you, your supporters receive tons of e-mails every day. And like you, they’re very good at filtering out messages. One of the best ways to grab the attention of…


How UNICEF Grows Their Email List With Facebook Apps

Do you want more email subscribers? Email converts new customers more effectively than any other digital medium. The key is having the right people on your list: the ones who want…


How To Create Email Drip Campaigns For Your Nonprofit

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you already know that email marketing is extremely effective for converting transactions like donations, renewals, and action alerts. Email is also awesome…

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8 Steps to Convert Emails Into Blog Posts

So you’ve finally decided to start blogging for your nonprofit. You’ve done the research about different blogging platforms, and had even outlined a strategy for topics that are based on…

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10 Ways to Use Smartphones at Presentations

It used to bug me when I was speaking and I looked out into an audience and saw people on their phones and tablets–until I realized that when I’m the…

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7 Tips for Better Fundraising Emails

Email marketing represents a critical component of online fundraising. In fact, in spite of the social era or perhaps because of it, more email is being generated. A growing minority…


VIDEO: The Need for Solid Email Lists and Landing Pages

Jocelyn Harmon of Care2 spoke at the Nonprofit 2.0 unconference in June in Washington, DC, on the critical importance of having solid email lists to direct traffic to dedicated landing…


The Tortoise and the Hare of Social Fundraising

Image by frefran “1 in 4 emails turns into a donation.” This is what a recent Blackbaud study on social fundraising found based on its own “Friends Asking Friends” social…