4 Quick Tips for Better Email Subject Lines

4 Quick Tips for Better Email Subject Lines

Like you, your supporters receive tons of e-mails every day. And like you, they’re very good at filtering out messages. One of the best ways to grab the attention of…


How To Create Email Drip Campaigns For Your Nonprofit

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you already know that email marketing is extremely effective for converting transactions like donations, renewals, and action alerts. Email is also awesome…

Email Marketing Concept.

Why no one’s joining your email list

A critical part of any successful email marketing plan is acquisition. If you don’t build your email list, it will shrink naturally from attrition. People subscribe, the love is new.…

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08.28.2013 ,

6 Steps to Building Your Email List With Facebook

For many nonprofits, email is the bridge that Facebook fans frequently walk across on their way to becoming a donor. This means having a smart email marketing strategy, in addition to…

Email Fundraising
01.30.2013 ,

Five Ways to Convert More Donors with Email Marketing

Like social media, email marketing is where you nurture constituent relationships. But e-mail is different from social media in a few critical areas: Privacy and Intimacy – E-mail is not…

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11.21.2012 ,

Five Ways to Thank Donors for Thanksgiving

If you’re in United States you know that Thanksgiving is right on top of us. And if you’re like most nonprofits you’ve been extremely busy wrapping up the week. But…

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6 Ways to Use Pictures for Fundraising

Last week, I featured 6 ideas on how your nonprofit can capture images of the work you do. But now what? How do you use those images? Here are 6…


5 Email Strategies to Improve Your Fundraising

By now, you probably realize that email is still the most effective way to get people to donate to your nonprofit. (Read this for a reminder.) And if you’re like…

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Build Donor Loyalty with Email List Segmentation

A child pays attention when you mention cookies or a piece of fruit. In a similar way, segmentation is based on the idea that a message is most effective when…

04.04.2012 ,

Using Blogging & Email Marketing For My Nonprofit

Last week we looked at how Facebook, YouTube and Twitter fits in with your organization’s overall marketing strategy. This week we’ll take a look at how blogging and e-mail marketing…