04.08.2013 ,

Using Social Media as an Educational Tool

Every week, I co-host a Google Hangout with Brian Vickery called #HecklersHangout. Last Thursday our special guest was Geoff Livingston, and one of the things we talked about was the…

Astronomers Without Borders Brings Stars to Everyone

As the youngest of seven growing up in a two-family just south of Boston, I shared a small bedroom with four other boys. I found some space for myself by…

04.12.2012 ,

Invest in Women, Invest in the Future

As some of you may have heard, March was International Women’s Month, a time to take note of the struggles women are facing around the world. Technically, actually, Women’s Month…


Off to School for the First Time

Education empowers, broadens horizons and turns children into productive adults contributing to society. It is because of this that the mission of House of Blue Hope is to transform the lives of at risk youth through education. Providing educational opportunities to children in dire need of them is by far the single most powerful thing that can be done in Tanzania, a country full of disadvantaged and homeless children.


Back to School with iMentor

Cleo Cavolo and Waine Tam of iMentor took time out of their busy workday to speak with Razoo about mentoring, and how they share in the “Back to School” experience with their own mentees.


Catching up with 4GGL

Jin In, Founding Director of 4Girls Glocal Leadership (4GGL), sat down with Razoo to talk about how her upbringing led her to become an advocate for girls’ empowerment and ultimately…


A Pencil Transforms

A pencil. It is wood. It is graphite. It’s a perfect cylinder that fits in the grasp of any hand.


Going Back to School

This is a guest blog post from Monique Schmidt, Program Director at the Akilah Institute for Women. Throughout August, Razoo will be featuring giving opportunities related to education, mentoring, and…