11.19.2012 ,

Disaster Relief, When It Isn't What You Do

There are no quick fixes to something like a massive hurricane. Several weeks after Sandy plowed through, thousands remain homeless, some still awaited power as a Nor’easter hit a week…

Photo Courtesy of Occupy Sandy
11.13.2012 ,

How to Use Amazon's Wedding Registry to Help a Nonprofit

I’m a big fan of using existing tools and resources to raise money for nonprofits. Too many people are trying to reinvent the wheel when one is already out there…

Photo by Pam_Andrade
11.06.2012 ,

Be Prepared: 3 Lessons for Nonprofits from Sandy

Storms seem different today than when I was growing up. They seem more unpredictable and dangerous. The first major hurricane I remember is Hurricane Gloria in 1985. Gloria followed a…

Photo by rosauraochoa

3 Twitter Tips for Everyday Use and Emergency Response

This weekend, the Razoo team put together a plan to help us be ready for when Hurricane Irene made landfall. This is standard procedure for many organizations, and my job…

08.28.2011 ,

Donate to 5 Causes Providing Irene Relief

Hurricane/Tropical Storm Irene had not left us yet, but we know the impact has already been great. We have seen lives lost, hundreds of thousands of people without power, wind…