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The Gamification of Online Communities

Note from Ifdy: Gamification is the conversation bubbling up in the nonprofit world. It’s changing the world online and consequently will affect fundraising. This post was originally published on Geoff…

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01.10.2012 ,

4 Ways to Get Your Creative Groove On

Tired of doing the same thing? In 2012, challenge yourself to tell your story in new and different ways. Whether it be video, photography, illustrations, comics and more, let’s explore…

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4 Scenarios Free Agent Fundraisers May Face

When you shoot for the moon, you reach beyond the stars. If you’re a free agent activist and fundraiser, you might be ready to aim but find yourself a little…

Hands Only CPR

Stayin' Alive With Social Fundraising

What do you think of when you hear classic 70’s disco? For some, bell bottoms and Saturday Night Fever might come to mind. For others, they hear how to save…


Social Fundraising at the Forefront of Nonprofit 2.0

Social fundraising was a dominant topic at Nonprofit 2.0. There were many industry leaders in attendance, and we decided to interview them with video. The above round-up is highlights some…