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Three No-Brainer Twitter Strategies for Every Nonprofit

Twitter followers will be more likely to retweet your content if they like, know, and trust you. But what does one do to develop a strong network on Twitter? Here…


Watch How These Fish Geeks Use Facebook for Science

Oregon State University ichthyologist Brian Sidlauskas and his fellow science peers (who are also his Facebook friends) documented more than 5,000 fish in under 24 hours using Facebook. Before you…

Allyson Kapin (left) and Amy Sample Ward (right)
03.20.2013 ,

What Does Community, Network and Crowd Really Mean Anyhow?

Why is it important to know the difference between your nonprofits community, network, and crowd? These are terms that we seem to throw around frequently but haven’t yet clearly defined.…

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7 Ways To Use Print Ads To Increase Online Activity

Let’s imagine the following scenario. A local cause has, for years, run a quarter page black-and-white ad in a bunch of local publications. It’s been a fixture of the organization’s…

07.26.2012 ,

How to Prepare for Facebook's Decline

Photo by Sean MacEntee If you are a nonprofit or a consistent fundraiser, then it’s time to hedge your bets and start investing in networks other than Facebook. A recent…

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Don't Make Me Work

Guest post by Sohini Baliga. It’s no wonder that you see so many posts and discussions devoted to fundraising and development. Both are the lifeblood of NPOs, the majority of…

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Weekly Social Media Checklist for Twive and Beyond

  As we gear up for Twive and Receive next week, nonprofits have been asking me for “recipes” on how to build up excitement and engage their community to take…


Allyson Kapin (@womenwhotech) Talks Community Building

Having an engaged community is critical for a successful online fundraising effort. Ever wonder where to start? In the above video RAD Campaign Co-founder and Editor of the top ranked…


After the Adventure, Transformation Begins

Adventures in Missions, a faith-based non-profit organization based in Georgia, sends people all over the world on missions trips of varying lengths. Regardless of how long they’re “out in the field,” we believe that each participant returns transformed – albeit only slightly different.


Off to School for the First Time

Education empowers, broadens horizons and turns children into productive adults contributing to society. It is because of this that the mission of House of Blue Hope is to transform the lives of at risk youth through education. Providing educational opportunities to children in dire need of them is by far the single most powerful thing that can be done in Tanzania, a country full of disadvantaged and homeless children.