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A Simple Tactic for Keeping New Donors Engaged

Retention rates for nonprofits seem to be plummeting. In 2004, the average retention rate for new donors was 33%. Now it’s 27%! This is because of two trends: More competition…

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Three No-Brainer Twitter Strategies for Every Nonprofit

Twitter followers will be more likely to retweet your content if they like, know, and trust you. But what does one do to develop a strong network on Twitter? Here…

you did it

YOU did it!

Your supports give you their time and money because they want to change the world. And for most of them, it’s personal. They see themselves as an equal participant in creating…

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09.25.2013 ,

Nonprofit Strategies: Surviving versus Farming

Every few months I’m invited to attend a board meeting to discuss how social media could be used better. And I’m always surprised how much time is spent focusing on…

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Three ways to keep people interested AFTER an event

All communities have a heart beat. Your nonprofit is the left ventricle, the community is the right ventricle. If you both stop pumping, guess what happens? Why engage fans after…

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02.13.2013 ,

Nine Ways to Grow Your Facebook Page Fanbase

Your Facebook Page community is like a garden that requires regular weeding, watering and sunlight. If you don’t consistently nurture this “garden”, you won’t be able to harvest healthy fruits…

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5 Ways To Bring Your Offline Community Online

A lot of not-for-profits have great communities, and that has been the case for years, long before social media made its razzle-dazzle splash. Now that social media is here, it…

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08.22.2012 ,

6 Ways to Get More Facebook Fans From Direct Mail

Many nonprofits I work with are just beginning to dip their toe into e-mail marketing and social media. What I’ve found is that while their new media is lacking, many…

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QR Codes are Taking Off in Unexpected Ways

There are a lot of strong feelings about QR Codes. Some people think they are the best thing since the printing press, while others think they’re not worth the paper…

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Keeping Your Community Involved

Editor’s Note: We’re happy to have Harrison Kratz guest blogging for us today. Harrison is the Community Manager for MBA@UNC, a top online MBA program from the University of North…