09.26.2012 ,

5 Ways to Make Your Social Strategy Adaptable

You know social media has been fully adopted by the masses when Fox launches a TV series on Twitter. TV and print media strategies–virtually unchanged for decades–are increasingly being replaced by new…

Has Your Generosity LinkedIn?

In the battle of the social networks, LinkedIn is now the second-most popular online social network in the U.S. in terms of Web traffic. Facebook remains number one. This milestone…


13 Ways to Empower Your Grassroots Fundraisers

When someone decides to raise money for your nonprofit with a fundraising page, they are way beyond a first kiss – they are taking you down the aisle. Their commitment…


Offering Nonprofits the Best Value in Online Charitable Giving

Beginning October 1, 2010, we will process all donations made through Razoo at a simple, flat rate of only 2.9 percent — one of the lowest rates available in the online giving industry. Ultimately, this is going to allow more donation dollars to go directly to nonprofits than most other online giving sites, many of whom charge 5%, 7.5%, and even up to 15% of the donation amount.

Walking the Road to Change Together

“We began walking the road to change. It’s about restoring hope in different things you do in the community, but it’s also about instilling pride. With pride comes hope.” We spotlight select nonprofit groups this week in honor of social justice and the need to protect civil rights for everyone.