Holi hai! The Hindu festival of colors, now apparently also celebrated in North Carolina. Who knew? A holiday calendar check would tip you off. (Image courtesy rudresh_calls)

The International Holiday Calendar: Who's Working When?

You’ve probably spent January dealing with the last of the decorations, cleaning house, planning ahead, crafting your editorial calendar, and doing other such organizational things. But before you launch into…

Photo by Daniel Hardman

5 Reasons to Fundraise in January

Have you begun your second fundraising push? I know what you’re thinking. It’s not yet the end of January. You’ve just done mass-unsubscribing from marketers who find you like Team…

Photo by hydropeek

Cause Marketing with Pinterest: One Year Later

Last January I pledged to use Pinterest more in 2012. That was one resolution kept! Today, I have 49 boards and over 1,000 pins. Here’s what I’ve learned about using Pinterest for cause…

Never too young to volunteer (Photo Courtesy of Feed My Starving Children)
11.26.2012 ,

How Do You Teach Your Children Generosity?

How do you teach kids to be generous? How do you inculcate empathy and charity when need is absent, or more often, hidden in their daily routines? It’s a question well-off…

Together Liberia


At the heart of giving and social media alike is a desire to connect fulfilling a need for togetherness. Sometimes that core emotional driver is buried in online solicitations, volunteering…

galloping black stallion isolated on white
12.14.2011 ,

How to Get More Attention During Christmas with Combined Relevance

A 13th century Buddhist monk talked about how a tiny blue fly won’t get very far on its own, but once it grabs onto the tail of a thoroughbred horse…