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03.25.2013 ,

Facebook's Graph: Don't Worry, Be Relevant

I’m sure this says a lot about how behind I am on things: I just finally got around to signing up for Graph, you know, that latest improvement Facebook rolled…

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Six Questions To Consider Before You Start A Nonprofit

So you want to start a nonprofit? God bless you! And yes, I really do mean that. I don’t want to live in a world that is only about the…

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The Failure of Fingerwagging

Last week, we talked a bit about small acts and how they can lead to change. Today, let’s talk about negativity, and how it undermines change. We want to inspire…

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How Change Happens

There’s a belief that a Like or petition signature doesn’t mean anything. Critics slam this behavior as slacktivism. That’s pretty bad news for those of us who have committed to…

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07.12.2012 ,

Make Change Acceptable

Fundraising often necessitates convincing people that they should invest in change. So the question becomes how do you make change acceptable when so many people are afraid of it? From…

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Why We Need the Fearless Conversation

The nonprofit sector needs the Be Fearless campaign spearheaded by The Case Foundation and its CEO Jean Case. Let’s be honest: If you are a regular reader here, you probably…

04.12.2012 ,

Wasting Timeline

Are you having difficulties with the new Facebook Timeline for Brands? Feel like you are wasting your time? You are not alone. In fact, according to Edgerank Checker a majority…


Celebrate the Anti-Heros of Change

These days, social change online seems to always involve a central figure–a hero, if you would. Whether it’s the individual cause champion rallying online influencers and donors, or a benevolent…