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Why We Need the Fearless Conversation

The nonprofit sector needs the Be Fearless campaign spearheaded by The Case Foundation and its CEO Jean Case. Let’s be honest: If you are a regular reader here, you probably…

Photo by Geoff Livingston
03.01.2012 ,

7 Lessons Nonprofits Can Learn From Give to the Max Day

Give to the Max Day: Greater Washington was the first giving day event for the D.C area. And because it was the first year, there were three primary goals for…

Photo by Case Foundation
12.02.2011 ,

Spot Some Good?

  When was the last time you saw a little kid help an older lady cross the street? Ok, maybe never because it’s not 1955. But at one point or…


On Social Fundraising and Millennials

Image by Papalars “Millennials’ generosity can be predicted in part by the way they give their money. Those who give the most cash also give the most time.” This is…