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Finally, A "Pinktober" Fundraiser That’s Growing On Me

I’m already missing the summer months. I’m an avid gardener and I had a wonderful flower garden this year. You know when everything clicks? That was me this past summer.…

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12.27.2012 ,

My Three Favorite Feel-Good Moments of 2012

It seems appropriate, for my final post here in 2012, to look back at the year that was and pick some of my most favorite feel-good moments. After all, feel-good…

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11.20.2012 ,

Let's Fight Lung Cancer & Give Thanks

After talking with Susan Davis, Chief Development Officer of the American Lung Association, I have another thing to be thankful for on Thursday: no one I know has lung cancer.…

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Fighting Breast Cancer One Tutu At A Time

Editor’s Note: Today’s the last day of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and with this blog post by Margie Clayman, we wrap up our series about people making waves and changing…

Liz Barker
10.26.2012 ,

When Life Gave Liz Some Lemons

Liz Barker is a seasoned financial advisor from Philadelphia, who is blessed to be with the three loves of her life: James, her husband of 30 years, and two sons,…

Tyesha Love (Second from Left)
10.24.2012 ,

Deconstruction Before Reconstruction: Tyesha’s Battle with Breast Cancer

“I have a strong history of cancer on the maternal side of my family,” Tyesha Love says. “When my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, she was identified as a…

Clay (left) with his mom Noreen and siblings
10.19.2012 ,

Clay Writes a Song for His Mom, Breast Cancer Survivor

One of the sweetest ways to give long-lasting life to a fleeting moment, thought, or feeling is to capture it before it dissipates in time. Art is how we make…

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Awareness vs. Fundraising: NFL's Crucial Catch Campaign

When you think of the fight against breast cancer, probably one of the first things you think about is the color pink. Especially in October, which is breast cancer awareness…

Lisa Minakowski
10.17.2012 ,

Dear Cancer, You Don't Stand a Chance. Sincerely, Lisa

The cover photo across the top of her Facebook profile says, “I Believe” over a background of pink bricks. And in speaking to Lisa Minakowski on the phone, it’s evident…

Left to Right: Ali, Chip, Sarah, and Cindy Rosencrans
10.12.2012 ,

The Life of Cindy Rosencrans

Chip and Ali Rosencrans are a fun father-daughter duo. The Rosencrans are from Washington, DC by way of New York, and when asked to describe their family of four, Ali…