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08.08.2012 ,

8 Steps to Convert Emails Into Blog Posts

So you’ve finally decided to start blogging for your nonprofit. You’ve done the research about different blogging platforms, and had even outlined a strategy for topics that are based on…

07.04.2012 ,

6 Steps to Create Marketing Personas for Your Org

Marketing Personas are fictitious characters you create to represent your various different audience segments–subscribers, advocates, donors, volunteers, etc. They’re nothing more than a tool to help you better understand what…


Does Social Fundraising Mean Losing Control of Your Brand?

One really scary thing about social fundraising is the idea of losing control of your brand. But depending upon how risk-friendly your organization is, “losing control” can often feel liberating…


Who's in Charge of Facebook at Your Organization?

If you’re like most nonprofits, you probably have a presence on Facebook. And if you’re using Facebook strategically, you might have asked yourself this question: Who should be in charge…