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02.12.2013 ,

4 Ways to Give 'A Portion of Thyself' This Valentine's Day

“Rings and other jewels are not gifts, but apologies for gifts. The only gift is a portion of thyself. Thou must bleed for me.” – Emerson The American poet and…

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01.16.2013 ,

Your Most Powerful Social Media Tool for 2013

It’s amazing how fast something changes when you focus on the thing you want to change. Like losing weight, or playing a particular song on the piano. Amping up your…

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The Facebook Ladder of Engagement

Facebook is about friendships. It’s about reconnecting with old friends, and keeping up with close friends. It’s about collaborating with private small groups, and sharing with the world. In other…

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Women’s History Month: 15 “Can Do” Social Good Women

It’s Women’s History Month, but instead of looking back at women of the past who’ve already changed the world, we’ll be profiling women of today who are changing the world…

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HOW TO: Tell the Story to Your Donors

  After Friday’s Give to the Max Day training, I came back with great, practical ideas from experts like Beth Kanter and Katya Andresen on how nonprofits can tell their…


A Message from Gary Vee: Don't Pitch Me, Bro

Today, over 150 Washington, DC-area nonprofit community leaders are meeting at the AARP building for an all-day, online fundraising training conference for Give to the Max Day: Greater Washington. New…