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01.30.2012 ,

3 Ways to Become a Trusted Fundraising Advisor

  Real success in fundraising happens when you become a trusted advisor, a person who is sought out for his advice and support. This happened for me when companies started calling…

11.09.2011 ,

How the Leading Nonprofits Manage Social Media

A few weeks ago, craigsconnects and Rad Campaign published an infographic on how the top 50 nonprofits stack up for their use of social media. Yesterday, Craig Newmark ( founder)…


Download Idealware's Free Social Media Decision Guide

If your organization is still trying to figure out how to use social media, you are not alone! Every organization, from the Red Cross on down to the single-person nonprofit,…

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5 Tips to Make Donating Easy

  A few weeks ago we asked our Facebook friends what obstacles they saw in online fundraising. One friend noted that some nonprofits make it hard for donors to donate…

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7 Habits of Effective Personal Fundraisers (An awesome free eBook)

If you’ve built up a strong following on Facebook and Twitter, but don’t know how to start fundraising, check out the eBook from CauseVox titled “7 Habits of Effective Personal…