Allyson Kapin (left) and Amy Sample Ward (right)
03.20.2013 ,

What Does Community, Network and Crowd Really Mean Anyhow?

Why is it important to know the difference between your nonprofits community, network, and crowd? These are terms that we seem to throw around frequently but haven’t yet clearly defined.…

Image by Bart Fields
11.17.2011 ,

5 Last Minute Creative Ideas for Holiday Fundraising

You don’t have a plan for fundraising this December yet, and are feeling squeemish. With as much as 40% of your online donations coming, you could even be starting to…

Allyson Kapin from RAD Campaign and @WomenWhoTech

VIDEO: Show Your Flair on YouTube

Aside from creating content on a blog and interacting with users on Facebook and Twitter, nonprofits (and individual fundraisers alike) can benefit from telling your story through video. Allyson Kapin…


Allyson Kapin (@womenwhotech) Talks Community Building

Having an engaged community is critical for a successful online fundraising effort. Ever wonder where to start? In the above video RAD Campaign Co-founder and Editor of the top ranked…


Social Fundraising at the Forefront of Nonprofit 2.0

Social fundraising was a dominant topic at Nonprofit 2.0. There were many industry leaders in attendance, and we decided to interview them with video. The above round-up is highlights some…